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You may watch assembly guide videos online to assist you know more about VENTO fan.

No. Model  Product Videos Assembly Videos
1 Arco Videos Please contact your local dealer
2 Aura Videos
3 Belle Epoque Videos
4 Certhia Videos
5 Clover Videos
6 Fino Videos
7 Fino2 Videos
8 Fino2-Sakura Videos
9 Fino3 Videos
10 Fino-Chic Videos
11 Fiore Videos
12 Fortis Videos
13 Libellula Videos
14 Mega Videos
15 Mela Videos
16 Nestro Videos
17 Netto Videos
18 Otten Videos
19 Pagaia Videos
20 Samara Videos
21 Sole Videos
22 Swish Videos
23 Uragano Videos
24 Windrad Videos

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